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Steps for Obtaining Love and Joy

The first step in obtaining love and joy in your life is to choose the psychotherapist or coach that will commit guiding you on this journey.

Finding the right therapist for you is enhanced by using the following criteria:

  • How does the psychotherapist respond to your inquiry, i.e. timely and respectfully?
  • How does the psychotherapist explore the process of therapy for you with her or him?
  • How available is the therapist or coach to bring you on as a client, i.e. how flexible is their schedule, how quickly will they have time for a new client?
  • When speaking to you as a perspective client, what is the psychotherapist tone of their voice, i.e. empathic, calm, open, and uplifting as she or he share their experience and skills in providing psychotherapy?

These four criteria are critical factors in determining, if this professional will be a fit for you. Other factors, i.e. location, may be of importance. Yet please note, that you are picking a professional to assist your transformation. How you choose a psychotherapist is as important as what you explore in your therapy.

The second step in obtaining love and joy in your life is to choose the process in therapy that will have the most effective outcome.

Two factors are critical in the outcome of therapy:

  • How you and your therapist develop the therapeutic relationship, i.e. is the relationship based on respect, mutuality, collaborative goal setting, and uplifting you emotionally?
  • How willing and persistent are you, the client, to utilize your psychotherapy as an avenue for change and thus transformation of you and your life?