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As owner of The Referral Net.org, I, Laurie Grengs, M.A. Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, am offering you a free service to find a mental health clinician of your choice anywhere in the State of Minnesota.

As a psychotherapist for thirty years, I am deeply aware how a person needs high self esteem to achieve any and all hopes and dreams in their life. High self esteem may be defined as a positive loving relationship each person has with themselves emotionally and spiritually. A person seeming “cocky “is not confidence in a positive way, yet a cover up for low self esteem/confidence masking as high self esteem.

Low self esteem can manifest in relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger issues, eating disorders, and job/career struggles.

It is a proven fact that low self esteem robs any human being of most possible love and joy in their life.

A suggestion is to take the following 5 question test to see if self esteem may be a concern for you.

• Do you ask yourself daily if I am doing my job well enough?
• Do you wander if other people like you?
• Do you think thoughts daily, i.e. am I attractive to others?
• Do you ask yourself am I worth pursuing my dreams?
• Do you in your thoughts put yourself down, i.e. I don’t know what I am doing?

If you answer yes to three out of the five, you may have a self esteem that needs some healing. The research is conclusive that high self esteem is the cornerstone to living an effective joyous life.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of psychotherapy, which is where people who want more from life go to get expert assistance.

I welcome your call to 763-574-9320, to get your free referral to a competent mental health clinician today.